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<p>Tired of traditional Mario “jump-and-kill” scheme? Then you’ll duly appreciate this mix of classical Mario gaming and “Mortal Kombat” elements. This time you don’t need to save princesses or friends - your main objective is to put Koopa Troopas and Bowser the place they belong. <br/> <br/> In classical gaming series, all Mario could have done is jump on enemies to knock them out. In “Mario Combat” our fearless plumber have learned some battle techniques and wants to try them on insolent enemies. Koopalings definitely aren’t ready for such “warm reception” - show them that you can't do good without using your fists!<br/> <br/> <b>Combat Techniques</b> <br/> Now Mario can fight enemies back! Use A to show Koopa Troopas some nice hits. By tapping it multiple times, you can trigger special combos, which will put villains right out. Try those attacks together with jumping or running - you’ll be surprised with the results. <br/> <br/> To control Mario you’ll need only attack key and Arrow Keys to run and jump. Each level of the game has its own terrain, but be careful - one false move can lead you to the pit with lava. If you have fallen into such trap, you’ll appear at the beginning of the level without any damage, which is a pleasant feature of the game. Still, watch your health bar, because if you were killed by Koopa Troopas, you’ll lose all score and recover at the start. <br/> <br/> <b>Boss</b><br/> The game won’t take much to pass, as soon as you have only 5 levels to deal with. Yet, at the end of the game the main boss - Bowser - is waiting for a fight with Mario. Except for ordinary attacks, he’s going to smash and fry you with his special strikes. Evade them - and don’t forget to hit the villain back. Good luck with your peacebuilding!</p>

How to play: Use mouse or finger to aim and shoot

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